Vitamin C Gummies (Kids)


Happy Years’ Vitamin C Gummies for Kids and Adults: Support your kids and family's immune system with our vitamin C gummies. Each serving of these non-GMO gummies contains 250 MG of vitamin C, providing essential support for a strong immune system, aiding in iron absorption, and supporting brain health.

Support Vitality: Our vitamin C gummies supports immunity, collagen production.

Comprehensive Support for Growing Minds and Bodies: Empower your family with immune-supporting gummies enriched with antioxidants for growth, brain health, iron absorption, and defense against harmful elements.

Delicious Chewable for Picky Eaters: Say goodbye to pill struggles with our tasty orange gummies that offer the essential vitamin C for children.

Safe: Our Kids vitamin C gummies are formulated in the USA within an FDA Registered GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Facility.

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